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Classroom Clothe Workshop

This video opens with a short excerpt of high school students participating in the "Classroom Clothe" workshop at the United Black Students Union Conference held at UC Merced.

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Within each workshop or series, students will learn parts of world history, with an emphasis on African history*. As well as other concepts, students have the opportunity to learn about and use symbols, an activity that heavily engages the prefrontal areas of their brain.


Bracks, Co Educational Workshops use art, writing and movement to teach students information and concepts. Using different approaches to presenting education can encourage the stimulation of students who all learn in unique ways.  Bracks, Co. Educational workshops may encourage students to be open to different types of cultures* and learning, as well as allow time and space to build healthy relationships with their peers and teachers which can lead to a more successful learning experience.


Empowerment cannot be given, however we as a community can lead our youth to empowerment. Through mindfulness-or self care and self love-workshops, students will have the opportunity to cultivate and realize the power they each hold. The power to learn more, the power to ask for help and the power to help themselves and others.* Each workshop or series incorporates an art project that each classroom can keep on display to remind them of the powerful messages they have learned. Each workshop is fully supplied so teachers are welcome to participate or observe as desired as long as they stay in the room. This allows teachers 50min to bond with their students or complete other tasks in the classroom as needed.

*Criteria in CA Common Core State Standard

Inspiration = In-Spur-Action

Participating in workshops allows students to learn new information while inspiring the spark of action. 

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