About Bracks...


About the President of Bracks Co.

Antonette Bracks is a Teaching Artist and theatrical performer with over 10 years of experience in educational service to schools across Northern California. As a Performer Educator for a national health care provider, she has had the opportunity to present workshops for thousands of students .

In 2015, Antonette decided to create original workshops and children's books that addressed issues such as mental health, history and personal growth. After much creating, releasing and re-writing Antonette has created two workshops as well as two workshop series, totaling 10 workshops, all creatively crafted to deliver a fun, unique and academic experience. 

Expanding the Vision

In 2018 Antonette Bracks began working with her first client who was looking for a "life coach". After weeks of discussion and personal development exercises with her client, she realized that she had an addition to her to her vision, guidance. Each meeting with her client, she guided her towards a clearer spiritual path using art, holistic therapies and spirit work.

Antonette continues to study different forms of counseling, therapy and health overall to add to her personal education experience. As she looks to the future, she plans to expand her reach of health concerns and treatments.