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The power of love came into me,
and I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.



Sip a little Seaside

We are 75% water so it should come to no surprise that water can be used to soothe, cleanse and heal us. 

We have used water historically for many purposes- holy water, washing ourselves and items and simply drinking water. Whether it be a biological or spiritual connection, our relationship with water runs deep.

How can we use this connection to benefit our mental/spiritual health?

Many ways, one is water meditation. This can be carried out through various actions, listening to ocean sounds, allowing water to run over you, floating in water, and more. For now, let’s choose to focus on immersion and vocalization.

One water meditation you can possibly do today is to take a bath, preferably with soaking salts, and say aloud mantras inspired by water. Mantras are powerful affirming, inspiring or igniting phrases that encourage and align the spirit. They can be found or created. Here are a few...

“As water flows freely, so my spirit flows freely. I am free to follow my natural flow.”

"I am deep and abundant like my mother the ocean. I create life within myself and bring life to others.”

Use these mantras in a bath while soaking in and experiencing the energy of water. Also, you may use these mantras to inspire the creation of your own mantra.

Need an intentionally soothing bath  soak?  Visit our store and choose between soaks for skin  ailments or soaks intentially made for energy charging and repair.  



The Whole

The Whole


Original workshops providing educational services structured to ignite the desire to create and explore our infinite history and future. Workshops available in CA from Los Angeles to San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.

The Whole

The Whole

The Whole


Holistic is the Whole - Mind Body Family Community  & Spiritual Healing

The Spirit

The Spirit

The Spirit


What is your spiritual foundation? Do you feel you have a strong inner peace? How can you benefit from Spirit Guidance? Are you seeking a spiritual healing?


The Spirit

The Spirit


Energy is infinite and all around us. Learn how we can store it, remember it and represent our energies with stones.

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